Make Air Conditioner Maintenance a Top Priority

Meet with a reliable A/C and ductwork install & repair pro in San Diego, CA

Struggling to beat the heat this summer? Talk to the A/C experts at Duct Dynasty Heating & Air today. We're a trusted air conditioning maintenance company in San Diego, CA. Many homeowners rely on us to find and fix A/C and ductwork issues in their homes, or install a new A/C unit altogether. You should, too. We'll resolve all of your HVAC problems for a low price.

Call us at 858-349-3571 now to learn about the benefits of regular air conditioning maintenance or installing a new unit for your home.

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Why choose Duct Dynasty Heating & Air?

Is it hotter in your house than it is outside? Don't sweat it-Duct Dynasty Heating & Air can fix that. Our HVAC contractor is equipped to handle all of your A/C equipment and ductwork repair needs in San Diego, CA. You should choose us because:

  • We're a local Rheem dealer and can repair or install/replace A/C units of all types and sizes.
  • We conduct in-depth inspections to see if you really need a replacement or if a quick fix will solve your A/C issues.
  • We offer biannual HVAC maintenance to make sure your A/C is always working as it should.
  • We can fix ductwork and ventilation issues that might be affecting your air conditioner.

We can also install mini-splits and thermostats. Don't choose just any contractor to take care of your cooling needs. Contact Duct Dynasty Heating & Air today to schedule a consultation with our air conditioning installation & maintenance specialists.